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Welcome to CorleyOak Shetland Stud ....

Last updated 19.10.18

Lovely day at Reading Shetland Pony sales.  Only went to buy a foal to keep our own foal, Sparkle (see below), company at weaning.  Came home with TWO miniature foals and a yearling standard filly!  OOOPS!

Welcome to Shallowater Indiana (Indi) & Talog Honey Bee (Bee)


Two worried little faces after their long journeys to and from the sales ......  Both foals very tired but hopefully they'll recover quickly with a bit of cosseting.



"Bee" on the left and "Indi" on the right.  At least their ears are pricked........

Welcome also to Musselbrough Fiola, standard yearling filly.  Also very tired, but not wasting any time to get stuck into some nice hay.  She was going from hay, to salt lick, to feed bucket, back to salt lick, a quick drink and round again - spoilt for choice!  Now settling in well.

"Interesting" day at the Shetland Pony Breed Show, Three Counties Showground, Malvern......

Started off with a fractured ankle and an ambulance ride to Worcester Royal... culminated in a drenching!  Nonetheless, our ponies performed well and brought home a third and fourth rosette.  Not exactly the day we had planned and one Breed Show we won't forget in a hurry!!

Above is Frank (Cranford Frizzle) in action at the SPSBS Breed show before the heavens opened!

(reproduced by kind permission of Equine Pix)

Newsflash!  Our poorly foal, Sparkle, is making a good recovery after a very worrying time!  See Foals page for details!

If Sparkle could talk, we think she would be saying.... "excuse me... my bucket appears to be empty!!"  (She had just polished off a feed of sugar beet and cool mix.  She tipped the bucket over in disgust when the food ran out!  She's looking a lot better and is getting quite feisty now, thank goodness!







On the left is our home-bred stallion, Bob.  Not only is he beautiful, he also has an amazing temperament, which he passes on to his offspring.  So far, he has always passed on the cream gene as well!

Enquiries welcome: please call us on 01676-540055 (home) or 07939473980 (Mobile) or email us:- 

Bob stood Reserve Miniature Champion at Fillongley Show on 12th August 2018.  We love him to bits!

We have now bred 24 foals :-


CorleyOak Gold Mine (Sparkle) - 2018
CorleyOak Every Cloud (Bailey) - 2017
CorleyOak Band of Gold (Andy) - 2017
CorleyOak Spotlight (Topsy) - 2016
CorleyOak Dark Secret (Cocoa) - 2016
CorleyOak Flash Alan (Alan) - 2015
CorleyOak Amba Sunrise (Amba) - 2015
CorleyOak Pearlescent (Pearl) - 2014
CorleyOak Silver Moonstone (Jewel) - 2014
CorleyOak Gladiator (Max) - 2014
CorleyOak Done & Dusted (George) - 2013
CorleyOak Jack Magic (Jack) - 2012
CorleyOak Mille Fleurs (Millie) - 2011 
CorleyOak Charismatic (Matt) - 2010
CorleyOak Angelina (Angel) - 2010
CorleyOak Cinsation (Cindy) - 2010
CorleyOak Red Rose (Rose) - 2009 
CorleyOak Legacy of Sovereign (Samson) - 2009
CorleyOak Easter Bobby Dazzler (Bob) - 2009
CorleyOak Touch Wood (Hope) - 2008
CorleyOak Champagne (Storm) - 2008
CorleyOak Apatchy (Patch)  - 2008
CorleyOak Black Diamond (Diamond) - 2007
CorleyOak Cavalier (Charlie) - 2006

We know where all the home-bred ponies we've sold are which is absolutely fantastic.  All doing well!

We are a small stud, located in the village of Corley in Warwickshire.  Our aim is to breed miniature shetlands with excellent temperaments, conformation and free movement.  We also enjoy showing standard ponies.   Due to our small size, the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity!!  Every pony has plenty of attention and handling from birth, making them very "user-friendly", well mannered and suitable as a child's pony.

(last updated 10.09.18)