CorleyOak Stud

Cwmgwaun Trickster (Trixie)

Bay tobiano filly - d.o.b. 22.05.19
Sire: Cardibach Bonheddwr
Dam: Bwlchawdd Grug

Lot no. 46 at Worcester Sales.  This filly was not on our list, but then we always do something random at the sales.  Trixie is a really friendly, loving filly and has already settled in well.  She knows where the feed shed is.  That didn't take her long to track down!

Cwmgwaun Lily Rose (Lulu)

Blue dun filly - d.o.b. 22.05.20
Sire: Halstock Geronimo
Dam: Cwmgwaun Berry

We've already had a Rose and we've already had a Lily and we try never to have the same name twice, so for now it's "Lulu" which actually seems to suit this filly well.  She was a bit fearful at the start, unlike her stablemate Trixie, but now she's super-confident and very friendly.


Lulu is growing like the preverbial weed and we think is going to be a standard.  She is a stunner with a lovely front on her and lots of presence.   She may well have to move to the standard page!

Talog Honey Bee (Bee)

Black tobiano filly - d.o.b. 29.05.18
Sire: Merrylees Paddywack
Dam: Eifama Honey Mous










We thought Bee was small, but she is taller than Sparkle at least!

Bee hadn't been handled much and was very fearful when we first got her home from Reading Sales, but she is naturally curious (nosey in fact!) and swiftly gained in confidence.  Her day at the National Foal of the Year Show helped a lot.

She was 2nd in a very competitive miniature shetland filly class and behaved impeccably in spite of everything being new to her, so we were very proud...  Now a four year old, she is completely confident and friendly and a pleasure to be around.  Very often the first to greet us.

Shallowater Indiana (Indie)
Blue dun tobiano filly - d.o.b. 06.05.18
Sire: Kirkstall King Alfred
Dam: Shallowater Princess

Not the most flattering picture of Indie who can look a lot prettier, but she's a lovely, stockly filly - very kind and affectionate.

CorleyOak Dark Secret (Cocoa)

Buckskin filly - d.o.b. 08.05.16
Sire: CorleyOak Easter Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Fairy Calypso

Cocoa is a stunning filly who moves like a dream.  She has a pretty, dished face and a lovely, friendly temperament.  She is an absolute favourite.  She has been handled since birth and is a confident young lady. Definitely show quality but of course no showing possible at the moment!

CorleyOak Spotlight (Topsy)

Black tobiano filly - d.o.b. 30.05.16

Sire: Edern Pennant
Dam: Edern Misty Morn

Topsy is a character - one of the most loving foals (now five year old) we've ever known.  She is super-confident and very obliging.  As a foal she went in two classes in the National Foal of the Year Show and took everything in her stride.  Topsy ran with our stallion, Sonny, in May & June 2021 and is absolultely huge at the moment.  We're praying that's because she's in foal as otherwise we have a big problem!!

Topsy is now heavily in foal and started to bag up, so we are watching her carefully and looking forward to meeting her foal.


CorleyOak Silver Moonstone (Jewel)

Sire: Kerswell Legacy
Dam: Collytown Charisma

d.o.b. 24.05.14

Above is our Jewel at her first ever outing at County level where she was 4th in a class of 11.  She has matured into a super, stocky pony.  She has the best temperament ever and loves being with people.  In the above picture she has lost almost all of her winter coat so her buckskin colouring and roan shows up.  The one below is her winter colour which is basically mucky brown and mud!  

Jewel ran with our stallion in May/June 2021.  She is a very feisty mare though so we didn't know if she would have proved too much of a handful for such a junior stallion.  However, it appears he has prevailed and Jewel is now heavily in foal to Sonny.