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Cranford Juggernaut (Jugsy)



Chestnut tobiano gelding: d.o.b. 23.05.10

Sire: Gwyddelfynydd Elvis
Dam: Waulkmill Jubilea

"Jugsy" is our pride and joy.  He has the most loving, laid-back temperament ever - sometimes just that bit too laid back in the show ring!  He will turn his hoof to anything and so far has done well in the show ring, gaining a 2nd at the SPSBS Breed Show at Harrogate in 2014 (above) and standing Gelding Champion at the Shetland Performance Show in Malvern on 12th July 2015.  He has taken part in a toddlers' nativity play INSIDE our local church on Christmas Eve, is a handy-pony expert (nothing fazes him) and has even taken part in a gymkhana with our toddler grandson. Lately he has taken to leid-rein show-jumping which he appears to relish.  Bombproof doesn't even come close to describing him.  We love him to bits.  He's very special.  Below is a picture of him at the Performance Show.

Cranford Frizzle (Frank)

Black gelding: d.o.b. 01.05.13

Sire: Cranford Hector
Dam: Isle of Mona Fringe

Poor Frank had a tough start to the showing season of 2016.  He was gelded in March but suffered complications and was quite poorly for a few weeks.  This set him back quite a bit, but he blossomed slowly over the season and we were thrilled when he stood Youngstock Champion at Canwell Show on 6th August (see above).  He's a handsome boy now!  He has matured still further over this winter and is near to full up now.

Latest pic of Frank and his gorgeous mane at Fillongley Show, 2017.  Frank is maturing all the time......


Isle of Mona Heidi (Heidi)

Black filly: d.o.b. 24.05.14

Sire: Millhouse Director

Dam: Isle of Mona Fflur

Heidi is a lovely, stocky filly with a sweet, super-friendly personality.  We had been hoping to get her out into the show ring later in the summer of 2017 but a new-born baby (of the human kind)  slowed us down a bit.   This is Heidi at her first show of the 2018 season where she won two classes and was showing champion.  Only a local show, but a promising start to her showing career.

Sharptor Delphi (Psycho) ***

 Bay filly: d.o.b. 11.05.16

Sire: Clivocast Napoleon

Dam: Danethorpe Delia

We always seem to do it.  Off we go to Reading sales with a list of ponies we might like....  What do we do?  We bid on a pony that's not on the list, on the spur of the moment, that's what!  Here is our spur-of-the-moment purchase, the gorgeous Delphi.  She was quite fearful and had to travel all the way home on her own, but was as good as gold in the trailer.  

*** Unfortunately poor Delphi turned out to be absolutely terrified of being caught and was virtually impossible to handle -  to the extent that our vet recommended euthanasia!  We are not going to go down that road if we can possibly help it, so have started on a slow journey with her.  In the wrong hands she would be positively dangerous, hence her current nickname (which will hopefully be changed in due course!).  It's very sad to see a pony so scared and desperate to escape that she will actually injure herself and us in order to get away.  We are trying to build trust, slowly but surely, but it is going to take a long time!  She does now whicker a greeting when she sees us, so that's something.  We live in hope!

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