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CorleyOak Every Cloud (Bailey)

Black filly: d.o.b. 27.04.18

Sire: isle of Mona Sherlock
Dam: Isle of Mona Fflam

We are very proud of our filly, Bailey, pictured above as a yearling at the Shetland Performance Show at Three Counties Show Ground.  This was Bailey's first experience of a big venue and staying overnight in a strange stable and she behaved impeccably.  Sadly, she had no competition in her class but her red rosette was welcome nonetheless.  We were looking forward to showing her as a three year old in 2020 but unfortunately Covid-19 put paid to that!  Bailey is maturing into a stunning filly and we're very much hoping to get out showing with her in 2022.  She is very friendly and loves to be with people.

Cranford Juggernaut (Jugsy)

Chestnut tobiano gelding: d.o.b. 23.05.10
Sire: Gwyddelfynydd Elvis
Dam: Waulkmill Jubilea

"Jugsy" is our pride and joy.  He has the most loving, laid-back temperament ever - sometimes just that bit too laid back in the show ring!  He will turn his hoof to anything and so far has done well in the show ring, gaining a 2nd at the SPSBS Breed Show at Harrogate in 2014 (above) and standing Gelding Champion at the Shetland Performance Show in Malvern on 12th July 2015.  He has taken part in a toddlers' nativity play INSIDE our local church on Christmas Eve, is a handy-pony expert (nothing fazes him) and has even taken part in a gymkhana with our toddler grandson. Lately he has taken to leid-rein show-jumping which he appears to relish.  Bombproof doesn't even come close to describing him.  We love him to bits.  He's very special.  Below is a picture of him at the Performance Show.  It has to be said that Jugsy isn't really a fan of showing.  He's rather be doing handy pony or eating, the latter being his favourite pastime.  During lockdown the battle has been to keep weight off him!

Musselbrough Fiola (Lola)

Chestnut tobiano filly - d.o.b. 23.04.17
Sire: Musselbrough Keltic

Dam: Zara of Musselbrough

Not a very good picture of Lola, our spur-of-the-moment Reading sales purchase.  She's a bit wet and muddy in this picture.  She was a little wary of us at first, but now she is very confident and super friendly.  She will make a lovely riding pony.

Sharptor Delphi (Psycho) ***  Newsflash! *


 Bay filly: d.o.b. 11.05.16

Sire: Clivocast Napoleon
Dam: Danethorpe Delia

We have just found a wonderful new home for Psycho with a lovely and very experienced horsey family.  We are hoping that with daily one-to-one attention she can go on to be a fantastic show pony.  It has taken us four years, but we got there with her in the end!


Previous comments:-

Psycho may be losing her nickname soon.  Progress is being made!  On Sunday 20th January we were able to walk straight up to her in a stable and take hold of her by the headcollar.  That's the first time we've been able to do that in the 15 months we've owned her.  The first time we tried it took 45 minutes to catch her, even in the stable with the headcollar on.  Gradually that reduced to 5 minutes and yesterday to seconds!  YAY!  Then we brushed her all over, de-knotted her mane and changed her headcollar so that it wouldn't rub.  We brushed down her legs and picked her feet up - all with no drama!  Farrier came to trim her feet on 2nd February (so far he has just picked her feet up).  We were expecting that to be "challenging" but she is starting to trust us, so we were thrilled when she stood like a rock to have them trimmed.  Psycho is a really classy filly - exceptionally pretty and definitely show quality.  She will be for sale once we are confident that she can be handled properly, but only to a very knowledgeable home where she'll be treated with patience and kindness in order to continue her progress.


We always seem to do it.  Off we go to Reading sales with a list of ponies we might like....  What do we do?  We bid on a pony that's not on the list, on the spur of the moment, that's what!  Here is our spur-of-the-moment purchase, the gorgeous Delphi.  She was quite fearful and had to travel all the way home on her own, but was as good as gold in the trailer.  

*** Unfortunately poor Delphi turned out to be absolutely terrified of being caught and was virtually impossible to handle -  to the extent that our vet recommended euthanasia!  We are not going to go down that road if we can possibly help it, so have started on a slow journey with her.  In the wrong hands she would be positively dangerous, hence her current nickname (which will hopefully be changed in due course!).  It's very sad to see a pony so scared and desperate to escape that she will actually injure herself and us in order to get away.  We are trying to build trust, slowly but surely, but it is going to take a long time!  She does now whicker a greeting when she sees us, so that's something.  We live in hope!     If you look at the pictures below, there is at least one thing that stands out.  The look of absolute fear that is in Psycho's eyes in the photos above is missing from the ones below.  Her ears are pricked too and she looks relatively relaxed (but don't be fooled!!).  She is by no means manageable yet, but she does seem to have lost some of her fear of humans - progress of a sort, with a long road to follow we rather think!                                                                            

Psycho's very pretty face - but don't be fooled by that innocent expression!!

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